Asian away from Asia

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  • Jan 8, 2016

  • Food glorious food

Travel to Asia with these boxes of food while sitting comfortably on your couch! The delicious food that is carefully packed promises to keep the oriental flavour in tact and makes you want to order more and more.. Oriental box is a must try for all those who love the cuisine but are too bored to hunt for new places! It is a rare experience to have authentic asian flavors at the comfort of sitting at home, but this place surely lives upto their name. The taste is true to the cuisine and is not customised thereby allowing one to enjoy the actual taste of the dish. Since I always order online, I also get to enjoy their 10% discount all the time! Talking about Oriental box, I must say they have the best packing for delivery. The packaging is so neat and correct that you don’t have to worry about spills even if you are travelling with your box of food. Overall, it is a must try place if you are lover of the cuisine!!

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